Micromax A111 Stock Recovery

Now the stock recovery can be accessed using Power + Vol+.

Stock Recovery link : https://wuala.com/adityak74/Micromax_A111/recovery.img

NOTE:Don’t try any other combinations with vol- because it will boot into fastboot mode.

Key combination for the fastboot mode : volume up + volume down + power button.Hold this for 5-6 seconds the Canvas Logo comes and the phone gets stuck at the logo.Now the phone is in fastboot mode.Now you can flash recovery,boot,etc.But before that you have to install the drivers.So when you are in fastboot mode connect the phone to pc and let the PC recognize the phone.It automatically installs the drivers for you.To come out from fastboot mode you can remove battery and insert again and press power button to boot up normally.




12 thoughts on “Micromax A111 Stock Recovery

    • ya you have to connect your phone to PC.Then go to Device Manager there you can Micromax A111 with an exclamatory mark.Now right click on it and select Update driver.Now you select the locate drivers (2nd option) and then point it to the folder which you extracted.and it will install the drivers for your device.

  1. not working black screen ……blue incdicator is on….only…default recovery is gone!!! .How to proceed further

    • Using terminal emulator follow these commands.
      Now grant permission to Terminal Emulator
      >dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/recovery.img
      This command will write the current recovery to your sdcard in .img file.In the above case filename is recovery.img.

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