Stock De-odexed ROM V1


  • De-odexed.

  • Pre-Rooted.

  • Bloatware Removed.

  • Apps Zip-Aligned.

  • More RAM Optimized.

  • Scrolling optimised.

  • build.prop tweaked.

The ROM will erase your data that is the internal memory so please backup all the apps,songs and other things which you have in your internal memory.It will not harm your sdcard or memory card contents.This ROM can be used as a base ROM for porting other ROMs to Doodle.But this doesn’t have init.d support now.So if you wait for V2 Stock Deodexed that will be suitable for porting ROMs.


You will lose all your apps and data after flashing the ROM.To ensure you get it back just backup your current ROM using CWM.

Then install the De-odexed ROM and then reboot.Once you are done with setting up your phone,again reboot into CWM and now to get your apps and data back just go to Backup and Restore->advanced restore->select the folder->select data->this will only restore your data for you.Including your apps settings,launchers,wallpapers,fonts,everything.

Now reboot and you are back to normal.Only thing now is your ROM is deodexed and you can theme it as you want and many other things can also be done.

For ROM porting my next version V2 will have init.d support which is widely used in all the ROM porting tutorials.So ROM porters just wait for my V2 of the Stock Deodexed ROM and other can enjoy!!!

Happy Modding!!!


Link to ROM :

Installation Procedure:

  • Download ROM Zip file.

  • Copy it to Sdcard.

  • [You should have CWM Installed for downloading working CWM click here]

  • Reboot into CWM by holding power and volume up button.

  • Go to CWM->Install zip from sdcard->select zip file->Now select the ZIP file(>select install.

  • [No need to wipe data and cache everything will be done by the ROM installation]

  • After it finishes just remove the battery and insert the battery and reboot.

  • Wait for some 2-5mins and then you can see your phone as fresh usage.Setup your phone and restore your apps.


Screenshot_2014-06-08-23-00-19 Screenshot_2014-06-08-23-00-13 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-59-49 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-59-43 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-59-37 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-55-25 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-57-33 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-57-57 Screenshot_2014-06-08-22-57-50

That’s it now you have de-odexed ROM.Now you can use UOT Kitchen for editing the UI.Also the RAM is slightly optimized.Scrolling is smooth.

More to come in the V2 of the Stock De-odexed ROM.Til then Enjoy!!!

Me(Aditya K G) XDA : adityak74
Jonathan and Erween Paul for updater-script